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Hey, Buddy, Watch Where You’re Putting That Water Tank

Hey, Buddy, Watch Where You're Putting That Water Tank

Is fresh water good for an AM station? Not in this case, at least.
Our friends at the CGC Communicator newsletter point us to an article in the newspaper Public Opinion of Chambersburg, Pa. Officials there have asked the FCC to step into a dispute between the government and an AM radio station.
The station is WCBG. The borough complains that its attempt to build a water tank near the station’s four towers has been thwarted since last fall because workers complained of receiving RF burns.
The local newspaper has hired an attorney to try to force Verstandig Broadcasting to cease operating long enough for workers to finish the 2-million-gallon tank.
“According to officials, possible solutions to the problem call for the borough to move the water tank, pay for moving WCBG’s operation or buy the radio station,” the article stated. “No cost estimates were available but all of the options would be costly, officials said.”
CGC adds its own observation: “Complicating the situation are allegations that the storage tank interferes with WCBG’s signal – presumably warping its radiation patterns.”