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HHB Says Print Catalog Isn’t Going Away Soon

Manufacturer is out with its 2008/2009 guide, but also enhances its Web site.

It is never too early to Christmas shop for that special audio person in your life. (Hint, hint.)

HHB has released its 2008/09 products catalog. It has 1,700 products, including non-HHB-branded items.

The company also has announced improvements to its Web site and online version of the catalog. Goodies include enhancements such as rear-panel views and additional tech specs.

The site itself has added a free-to-all “Quote Building Function” for putting together job or wish lists and seeing what kind of deal can be had.

Steve Angel of HHB said, “We’ve long anticipated the printed version of the catalog being made redundant by the Web version, but it seems more popular than ever.”