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Hogan: We’re Selling More :30s, :15s

Hogan: We're Selling More :30s, :15s

Some excerpts from the “Less Is More” interview with Clear Channel Radio CEO John Hogan:
“Local advertisers demand clear and immediate proof of ROI – and then act on it. … We’re seeing a couple of dozen forward-thinking national advertisers who have been quick to embrace Less is More as well. … We literally have hundreds of examples from large, medium and smaller markets.
“We sold significantly more :30s in January and February than we sold in January and February of last year. Importantly, we sold more :30s in February this year than we did in January of this year. The pricing on our premium positions, the first in pod or island positions, is up for :30s and the pricing of our :60s and :15s is up as well.”
What does Hogan say to skeptics?
“Look, it’s easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize those who are leading change. What’s much more important is jumping in to solve a problem. … We have noticed that several of the prominent doubters have begun saying, ‘Well, so far, we’ve been completely wrong.’ We expect you’ll see more folks change their position as the weeks move on.”
To the notion that the initiative is in response to fewer ads aired on satellite radio, Hogan replied, “Nonsense.”