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Hollings Takes on Ownership

Hollings Takes on Ownership

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Fritz Hollings, D-S.C., has introduced a bill to slow media consolidation.
The existing broadcast ownership rules have encouraged the growth of locally relevant, independent programmers and distributors of media content. These critically important , independent voices energize our civic discourse and help separate our nation from those that prohibit the free flow of information,” said Hollings. He said we’ve come to a crossroads and face two paths: one leading to more consolidation and another maintaining national TV broadcast ownership restrictions.
The legislation directs stations to notify the FCC when they acquire a print media outlet, a violation of the rules prohibiting cross TV-newspaper ownership in the same town. The commission would then need to review the transaction request for “appropriateness” and to determine if action is needed to bring the licensee in compliance with ownership regs.
The bill also requires the commission to report to Congress any proposed changes to relax or repeal media ownership limits.