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Home Recording Group Beseeches FCC Not to ‘Strangle Digital Radio’

Home Recording Group Beseeches FCC Not to 'Strangle Digital Radio'

The Home Recording Rights Coalition sees “no basis whatsoever for the commission to impair, impede, or impose any technical or legal restraint on,” digital audio broadcasting.
The consumer advocacy group is responding to a question asked by the commission; whether the agency has the right to restrain home recording of digital broadcasts.
The record industry wants the commission to extend this action, the so-called broadcast flag issue, to digital radio as stations transition to HD Radio technology.
In public comments filed with the commission on this issue, the Home Recording Rights Coalition noted that the Congress has specifically exempted free DAB broadcasts from any obligation to record companies; that no permission from a record company is necessary when music is played over the airwaves, and that the Congress had repeatedly rejected proposals for any such permission to be required.