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Honor Thy Protein

Vegas ‘Sure Bets’: Craftsteak

One in a recurring series of tips about fun things to do while you’re at the NAB Show.

Honor the protein. That’s “Top Chef” judge Tom Colicchio’s philosophy when it comes to steak.

Fans of the show will remember his near-sadness at being served a piece of overcooked or poorly seasoned meat. Colicchio feels that if an animal is to lose its life for your dinner, the least the chef can do is cook it perfectly and make it taste even better. His ardent and renowned belief in this credo — as well as in the use of simple, fresh ingredients from small family farms — is how patrons of his Craftsteak at MGM Grand know they’re in for a good meal.

Menu options are served family-style and range from chicken, lamb, veal and short ribs to seafood and, of course, steak. Beef lovers can choose between filet mignon, a porterhouse for two, sirloin, New York or a ribeye. Seafood options include dive scallops, salmon, roasted halibut and lobster.

For those running low on spending cash or just looking for a lighter meal, Craftsteak offers its “Halfsteak” menu: 6-ounce portions of its filet, hangar and skirt steaks. Also featured are several vegetarian-friendly sides such as butternut squash and chanterelle risotto; Japanese eggplant; and roasted asparagus and shiitake mushrooms.

Additional highlights include a grand 22-seat bar and thorough wine list. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
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