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House Lawmakers Oppose New Media Ownership Rules

House Lawmakers Oppose New Media Ownership Rules

Several House lawmakers say they will pursue measures to undo the FCC’s new media ownership rules and replace them with new limits to curb concentration.
“The American people, regardless of their political perspective, are outraged by this decision and what is going on with media today,” said Rep. Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont. He says next week he will introduce a bill to rescind the FCC rules and several colleagues support the effort.
Just after Monday’s FCC vote, several members of Congress said they planned to introduce a resolution of disapproval about the rules.
New York Democrat Rep. Maurice Hinchey says he plans to introduce a measure that would go further, putting tighter limits on radio ownership, TV as well as limit cross ownership of media in a market.
Commerce Committee Chairman Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said during a hearing with all five FCC commissioners this week he plans to hold another hearing June 19 on a bill to roll back the national TV audience cap to 35%. McCain opposes the measure, as does his House counterpart, Rep. Billy Tauzin, R-La.

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