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House Subcommittee to Scrutinize Digital Content Protection

House Subcommittee to Scrutinize Digital Content Protection

Members of the Intellectual Property Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee plan a hearing on three draft bills regarding digital content protection Thursday. One of the drafts being circulated is specific to HD Radio, and would give the FCC authority to adopt rules “to control unauthorized copying and redistribution of digital audio content” and relate the language to the FCC’s final IBOC authorization. The recording industry is concerned about new devices being developed for satellite radio and HD Radio, that would give the consumer the ability to find songs, store them and play them back – and potentially avoid a purchase.
Opponents, such as Public Knowledge, say the copyright protection measures go too far.
The other proposals being considered give the FCC the authority to approve broadcast flag rules to prevent digital television broadcasts from being uploaded on the Internet and to prevent companies from making, importing or selling devices that convert a copy-protected digital television program into analog.
Slated to testify are: Dan Glickman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Motion Picture Association of America; Mitch Bainwol, chairman and chief executive officer, Recording Industry Association of America; Gigi Sohn, president, Public Knowledge and Michael Petricone, vice president, Government Affairs, Consumer Electronics Association on behalf of CEA and the Home Recording Rights Coalition.