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House Tees Up FCC Process Reform

Bill aims to increase transparency, predictability

The House is set to vote on FCC process reform tonight.

House Commerce Committee Chairman Michigan Republican Rep. Fred Upton says H.R. 3675 aims to increase transparency and predictability at the commission.

The agency too, is looking at how to streamline, and in some cases, eliminate its certain current processes. The review was one of the first things undertaken under new Chairman Tom Wheeler’s direction.

“We welcome Chairman Wheeler’s dedication to improving operations at the commission, but legislation is still necessary to get the reforms on the books. Without codifying the reforms into law, there is no protection from a future chairman who may not appreciate the need for such transparency, predictability, and accountability,” said Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Oregon Republican Rep. Greg Walden.

The proposal put forth by the commission’s working group is similar with many of the recommendations included in the legislation, according to Walden, who’s also a former radio station owner.

He predicts swift House passage; the measure would go to the Senate next.