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How Will HD-R Be Treated in Diary Mentions?

How Will HD-R Be Treated in Diary Mentions?

Arbitron is working on how it will treat paper diary mentions for HD Radio and multicast stations. The same goes for PPM treatment of HD Radio, satellite radio and Internet radio, according to Ed Cohen, vice president of Domestic Radio Research for Arbitron. The PPM is not yet ready to record these forms of listening. “We realize we need to start thinking about what the diary should look like for all of this.”
Meanwhile, Arbitron is discussing internally a radio-only approach to the PPM rollout in the Top 50 markets by 2011 if Nielsen decides not to participate, said Jay Guyther, Senior Vice President of PPM Marketing for Global PPM.
Market numbers 51 and above could roll out at the same time.
Arbitron is also looking at replacing paper diaries entirely and moving all forms of data collection to an electronic platform, he said.

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