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Huva, Engineer and Manager, Retires

Huva, Engineer and Manager, Retires

After 36 years on the job, David Huva is retiring as chief engineer and station manager of WLCM(AM) in Charlotte, Mich. He retires Feb. 29.
He came to Charlotte in 1967 when the station was WCER. Over the years, it has been WMMQ, WGWY, WNNY AND WNLF. Huva also worked at WPLB in Greenville and WJPW in Rockford, and did work for stations in Grand Rapids and Ionia.
He trained for his First Class license at DeVry Institute in Chicago, and maintains his amateur call sign K8PTZ. He remains an active real-estate investor.
What now?
He says he and his wife of 41 years, Marj, will take a cruise from Santiago, Chile, to Miami as the first step in adjusting to retirement.