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Hybrid Radio Big Topic for Radio Show

Panelists to discuss potential for increased revenue, listenership

Seeing hybrid radio as a critical component of a station’s digital strategy, organizers of the upcoming NAB/RAB Radio Show are planning a super session on the topic.

Jeff Simpson

Hybrid radio makes the medium more interactive, say proponents, by providing listeners with an FM-enabled chip on their smartphone. That way, listeners can hear the station over the air and interact with that station over the Internet in several ways such as buying concert tickets, for example. But not all of that activity will incur data or streaming charges on the device, according to the concept.

NAB Labs is organizing a session for Sept. 11, “Hybrid Radio — What’s In It for You?”

Aimed at station decision-makers, organizers will bring together executives from radio, wireless carriers and the recording industry. Panelists include Eric Williams, product manager, Sprint Corp.; Dave Kelly, researcher, Big Machine Label Group; Ginny Morris, chairman and CEO, Hubbard Radio Group; and Paul Brenner, chief technology officer, Emmis Communications. Deseret Management Corp. Board Member Jeff Simpson will moderate.

They’ll discuss the potential for increased revenue and listenership with hybrid radio, as well as integration with connected cars and the support of certain wireless carriers to offer FM-enabled smartphones.

The 2014 Radio Show is Sept. 10–12 in Indianapolis.