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The International Association of Audio Information Services, which represents radio reading services for the blind, has made it official; it supports IBOC. In a resolution adopted by the IAAIS board, the groups states: “the HD radio system promulgated by Ibiquity Digital Corporation has the potential to provide for the needs of IAAIS members and listeners.”
The American Council of the Blind is backing up the IAAIS position, according to Dave Noble of the IAAIS.
The IAAIS is enthused about HD Radio because of its promise of audio fidelity over analog sub-carrier transmissions. It supports and promotes the design and manufacture of fully accessible consumer radios.
“IAAIS will support, promote and actively collaborate with any organization, manufacturer or consumer advocacy group, which seeks to obtain the same ends as IAAIS, and which does nothing to limit the future growth, accessibility, and availability of broadcast delivered information access services,” states the group in its resolution.
IAAIS supports the Tomorrow Radio Project, with the goal of reading services being included in supplementary digital channel offerings. IBOC Chip makers say they are building such capabilities now into chips to be incorporated into future IBOC radios. This way, reading services could be received on an IBOC radio, and the current SCA receivers would be phased out.
The group says the promise of digital radio means reading services could someday be on commercial stations, in addition to non-commercial stations and their services could be delivered in ways other than radio, such as direct data feeds to MP3-style recorder-players.