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IAB: Digital Media Shape Electronics Purchases

TV broadcast still strong but sources of influence proliferate

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has released an analysis on the interplay of media influence on consumers just prior to electronics purchases.

Titled “The Path to Consumer Electronics Purchases,” the study examined consumers who showed a preference towards buying goods in “Discount Stores,” “Specialty Stores” or on the “Internet,” and tracked the media that influenced their shopping.

The study was conducted by IAB in cooperation with consumer data firm BIGInsight. Data for IAB’s study came from BIGInsight’s recent Media Behaviors & Influence Study.

The final results placed broadcast television as the top influence, with Internet advertising coming in second. Radio placed further down the list, just ahead of social media.

Other findings included the high relative influence of email coupons as motivators, especially among “Specialty Store” buyers. Not surprisingly, “Internet” shoppers were much more likely to research a product online beforehand compared to buyers in other categories. The use of QR codes was prominent among “Internet” and “Discount Store” buyers.

Sherrill Mane, senior vice president of research, analytics, and measurement for IAB commented on the sheer magnitude of diverse media required to reach buyers.

“A close look at the findings reveals that digital is a key part of the ad buy puzzle when it comes to selling electronics. Most consumers who are in the market for HDTVs, home audio setups and the like are clearly a tech-savvy group, and that fact needs to be kept top-of-mind when trying to reach them as they consider their next major purchase,” Mane said in a press release.