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IAB Identifies Core Cross-Platform Ad Metrics

Buy and sell side agree on metrics of ad engagement

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has what it calls a “new definition of advertising engagement and that it has identified core metrics for digital and legacy ad engagement across platforms.”

The online advertising industry group has issued a report concerning this, “The Advertising Engagement Spectrum: Defining and Measuring Digital Ad Engagement in a Cross-Platform World.”

Some of the conclusions: It notes that there will never be a one-size fits all approach for buyers and sellers of online advertising. It realizes that it is important for online advertising to have metrics roughly comparable to advertising in other mediums. The online industry needs to develop consistent benchmarks with which to measure its products and services and it is preferable that these be able to cross platforms.

Senior Vice President Research, Analytics and Measurement, IAB, Sherrill Mane said, “By defining and agreeing upon a clear set of metrics for measuring digital ad engagement that are comparable to other media and can measure uniquely interactive constructs of digital brand ads …” The report is part of a more ambitious project the group has concerning the advertising environment, “Making Measurement Make Sense.”