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IBC Exhibitor Viewpoint: Fabio Bosia, Mandozzi Elettronica

Will show a host of products that integrate AES67 technology

As IBC2015 gets closer, we continue our series of short Q&As with manufacturers about their plans and offerings, to help you get the most out of the annual trade show. Fabio Bosia is sales manager for Swiss-firmMandozziElettronica.

Fabio Bosia of Mandozzi ElettronicaRW: What do you anticipate will be the most significant technology trend at the IBC2015 Show?

Bosia: The new way manufacturers are incorporating IP, as well as the increasing integration of smartphones and tablets into professional studio gear.

Radio World: What new products will your company be showing?

Bosia: We will show our new Dante4 card developed for our IDEA matrices. Dante4 now features AES67 capabilities, a redundant Ethernet connection and up to 256 audio channels per card. We will also launch at IBC2015 an upgrade for the UMAC MK2 AoIP codec, and Cimix, a new compact on-air digital mixer. Cimix offers the same operational capabilities and ease of use as its larger siblings, the Gmix and Serix digital mixers, but in a smaller, more compact version and with a lower price tag.

RW: Why should attendees visit your booth?

Bosia: It gives potential users the possibility to speak with our developers and to gain insight about the expertise behind our products. Also, we use the opportunity to gather input so as to adapt out technology to customer requirements.

RW: The Internet has changed the way people do business. Some would say that it has rendered shows such as the IBC obsolete. Is this true?

Bosia: No, not at all. IBC, along with other industry exhibitions around the world reinforce the human aspect of business. It allows us to see where we stand as regards the other players in the professional audio field and affords the opportunity for manufacturers to get in touch with other companies, build strategic partnerships, etc.

RW: What’s your favorite thing about the show?

Bosia: The human contact, not only with customers and other companies, but also with distributors, developers and company staff.

RW: How has IP technology affected you?

Bosia: Our company is taking full advantage of the potential this technology offers by designing new, enhanced equipment such as the above-mentioned UMAC AoIP codecs and Dante4 card for IDEA matrices.