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Ibiquity Certifies Receiver Components

Ibiquity Certifies Receiver Components

Ibiquity Digital has certified three receiver components for use in the next generation of HD Radios.
Ibiquity has certified ALPS’ TDGA2 D-DICE front-end RF tuner. This tuner is designed for automotive HD Radio receivers using second-generation platforms. The ALPS TDGA1 Series front-end RF tuner for first-generation platforms was certified by Ibiquity in November 2003.
“Having pre-certified tuner components available from ALPS helps manufacturers significantly reduce their overall engineering and development efforts. The addition of these newly certified models will enable receiver manufacturers to quickly move to the next generation of HD Radio products,” states Ibiquity COO Jeff Jury.
Ibiquity has also certified TBK’s TDI 2001-A0 decoding module for automotive and home HD Radio receivers. The TDI 2001-A0 uses a Texas Instruments DRI250 chip set to provide that integrates the RF tuner, analog baseband demodulator and the HD Radio decoding function. The companies say it is the world’s first DRI250-based module to integrate all HD Radio functions in a single platform.
Samuel Im, Executive Manager, TBK Electronics Corp. states the company “is now developing an IDM based on the DRI300 for the Philips platform and a more cost-effective all-in-one module, both available for production within this year.”
Ibiquity has also certified TOKO’s TME-1225 and TME-1235 decoding modules for automotive HD Radio receivers. These customer specific modules, which both use the Texas Instruments DRI200 chip set, were designed for HD Radio products scheduled to launch later this year.