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Ibiquity Chalks One Up in the OEM Column

Ibiquity Chalks One Up in the OEM Column

Mitsubishi Electric has signed a license to develop products with Ibiquity Digital’s HD Radio technology.
The electronics maker says it plans to integrate the technology in automotive receivers for availability to carmakers in the 2005 timeframe. Its U.S. subsidiary supplies automotive electronics to Daimler Chrysler, Mitsubishi Motors, Volvo and other automakers.
A spokesman for the manufacturer stated, “This technology greatly enhances the sound quality and reception of AM and FM radio. In addition, its wireless data capabilities for telematics applications have the potential to vastly increase the information available to consumers and enhance the receiver products we are developing.”
Ibiquity President/CEO Bob Struble said the news “sends a strong and positive message to the OEM marketplace about the future of HD Radio.”