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iBiquity Collecting Retail Tales

Share IBOC retail experiences

How many stories have you heard where someone asked to see the HD Radios in a consumer electronics store, and that person was directed to the satellite radio displays? If you go into a CE retailer and don’t see HD Radios on display, or they’re not turned on or are in a closed display case, talk to the store manager, and drop a line to iBiquity Digital.

iBiquity wants to hear about retail experiences for HD Radio, both good and bad. That’s according to Vice President, Broadcast Business Development Scott Stull, who spoke during yesterday’s HD Radio Webinar hosted by Broadcast Electronics.

Stull, who’s coming up on 10 years with the technology company in February, said if the retailer is local, establish a relationship so that the retailer knows about your station and its interest in IBOC. A national chain “runs everything through corporate” regarding stock and that’s where iBiquity may be able to help.

More than 80 HD Radio receivers are available at retail now; iBiquity projects that number to increase to 100 by year-end. The typical price range is $100 to $149.