Ibiquity Early Adopter Discount Rate to Change

Ibiquity Early Adopter Discount Rate to Change
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We're not saying you should or shouldn't. But if you *are* planning to go HD Radio, this might be a good time to get those licenses, as the price goes up July 1.
Earlier this year, Ibiquity Digital extended its $5,000 introductory licensing deal for radio broadcasters through June 30 for broadcasters that agree to convert by the end of this year. On July 1, the fee rises to $7,500 for stations that agree to convert their facility by Dec. 31, 2006.
Broadcasters planning to convert to digital over the next four years will receive discounts on the $25,000 licensing fee.
The license fee is a one-time payment that grants a station the right to use Ibiquity's HD Radio patents, software and trademarks for its main channel audio. Licenses must be in place before a station receives equipment that contains Ibiquity Digital's intellectual property from manufacturers or resellers.