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Ibiquity Emphasizes Radio Group Owner Support

Ibiquity Emphasizes Radio Group Owner Support

Radio groups at Ibiquity’s press conference outlined why they believe it’s important to speed the conversion to digital. Ibiquity released statements from numerous top radio managers, reproduced here:

Randall Mays, EVP/chief financial officer of Clear Channel Communications, said, “Our aggressive rollout of digital radio demanded a proven technology and a strong partner. We found both in Ibiquity. We can accept nothing less for an advance that’s so important to the radio industry.”
Joel Hollander, president and chief operating officer, Infinity: “Consumers are constantly in search of new technologies which will enhance their overall listening experience. HD Radio not only delivers improved sound quality but can provide the kind of on-demand information radio listeners desire.”
Lew Dickey Jr., chairman and chief executive officer, Cumulus Media: “Providing radio listeners with digital HD Radio will bring a depth of audio enhancement second to none while providing additional revenue streams from new services and applications. From a business perspective, these are very exciting times for Cumulus and the industry as a whole.”
Peter Smyth, president and chief executive officer, Greater Media: “ I have HD Radio in my car, and it’s just amazing when the music surrounds you; it’s a whole new quality of experience. Superior sound, coupled with the information that we can display on the dashboard, will allow us to provide all our Greater Media listeners with vastly improved entertainment, and we do it for free! We encourage receiver manufacturers to put HD Radio in every car in the country.”
Terry Jacobs, chairman and chief executive officer, Regent Communications: “HD Radio will especially benefit those in middle and small-sized markets … This new technology will enable us to bring more local programming broadcast at a higher quality than ever before. HD Radio is simply another tool that will allow us to better serve the interests of our local communities, and markets of all sizes will benefit.”
Eddie Fritts, president and chief executive officer, NAB: “Whether it’s playing regional music or providing news during times of crisis, local radio has its finger on the pulse of the community. It is a bond that no satellite service, cable channel or MP3 player can ever hope to duplicate. Today’s announcement demonstrates the commitment of America’s terrestrial broadcasters to the promise of digital and ensures an improved listening experience for the 175 million daily listeners of local AM and FM radio stations.”