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Ibiquity Gives Neural Surround Sound Nod

Ibiquity Gives Neural Surround Sound Nod

Ibiquity Digital Corp. says the 5.1 surround sound technology is compatible with HD Radio. From CES in Las Vegas, the companies said Neural is the first spatial spatial audio codec available for HD Radio use.
Ibiquity previously approved the SRS Circle Surround technology as compatible with its digital radio technology. Other companies, such as Dolby, Coding Technologies/Orban and Telos/Fraunhofer are interested in the HD Radio space as well.
RW Online has previously noted that Neural Audio, along with Harris, has developed the 5225 Mix-Edit Transcoder 5.1 surround sound system, which allows analog, digital, lossy, linear, stereo, and 5.1 to co-exist in the broadcast environment. The Neural 5225 enables broadcasters to mix, edit and save 5.1 content via Neural’s proprietary “watermarking” system on existing stereo equipment. With Neural technology, reception or input at the receiver end of the content is selectively and automatically post-processed and “up-mixed” by the Neural Audio Spatial Environment Engine to the available number of speakers (from 2 to 256 channels) in the car.
Mike Lyons, vice president, aftermarket business development for Ibiquity said the company is pleased there several surround systems that can be used for HD Radio and Ibiquity encourages its broadcast and consumer electronics partners to realize “how powerful surround sound technology can be for FM radio.”