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Ibiquity, Impulse to Develop Common Platform For Data Services

Ibiquity, Impulse to Develop Common Platform For Data Services

Ibiquity Digital Corp. and Impulse Radio will join forces to work with the radio, consumer electronics and automotive industries to develop a common platform to standardize digital radio data broadcasts that use the wireless data capabilities of Ibiquity’s DAB technology. These data services will include everything from song title and artist name to real-time traffic information and interactive commerce.
“We believe that consumers will view the new data services, including song title and artist name, as well as on-demand weather and traffic reports as valuable upgrades to today’s radio,” said Pat Walsh, Vice President, Wireless Data Business Development, Ibiquity Digital.
“We recognize that a common platform will be critical to the success of digital radio data services,” said David Corts, CEO, Impulse Radio. “We think this is a critical enabler of a potentially huge opportunity for broadcasters, radio manufacturers, automakers, retailers, service providers and applications developers.”