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Ibiquity Investment Round Seen as ‘Likely Its Last’

Ibiquity Investment Round Seen as 'Likely Its Last'

For an idea of how Ibiquity’s latest injection of cash is playing out in the business pages, here’s one from the Washington Post:
“Barring a widespread rejection of the technology by consumers, Ibiquity by this time next year will finally be drawing in some real revenue after 15 years of spending the money of investors that have pumped in more than $135 million in corporate and independent venture capital,” the newspaper reported.
“The company, which developed and controls the technology for high-quality digital radio broadcasts and receivers, recently raised what is likely to be its last venture capital. It will spend the $20 million mostly on the marketing and sales effort required to license and deliver its technology to major consumer product makers and broadcasters that have promised to make it widely available in the coming year.”