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IBiquity, NPR Talking

Seeking common ground.

IBiquity, meanwhile, agrees with NPR on some of its findings on what would happen if stations increase their digital power levels by up to 10 dB and disagrees with other findings.

The technology developer has issues with the NPR report in regards to whether the majority of predicted interference is inside or outside the FCC-predicted contour line. The FCC only protects within the line. That’s the 60 dBu contour line for all FMs, except for Class Bs (54 dBu) and Class B1s (57 dBu).

The FCC and commercial stations focus on protecting stations from interference within their contour line. However non-coms find listening outside the line valuable as well; sometimes donors live outside those lines.

IBiquity’s Jeff Detweiler told non-commercial engineers meeting in Austin for a mini-version of the Public Radio Engineering Conference this week that NPR and iBiquity are talking and are seeking a solution.