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Ibiquity Publicizes HD Radio ‘Success’ Stories

Ibiquity Publicizes HD Radio 'Success' Stories

Ibiquity Digital is collecting success stories about its technology from stations that are now transmitting both a digital and analog signal.
“According to a number of recent reports from converting stations, which are available at, broadcasters spanning diverse markets on both the AM and FM band are excited about their experiences with HD Radio technology,” a company release states.
One such story is from KROQ(FM), in Los Angeles. Ibiquity stated that as the first station to begin full-time operation of HD Radio technology on the west coast, KROQ has experienced extensive coverage with the digital signal, but without the static, hiss, pops or fades often associated with analog transmissions.
Scott Mason, west coast regional engineer for Infinity Broadcasting, stated, “KROQ’s HD Radio signal offers surprising coverage for such a low-power level. Any doubt we had about coverage was erased when we heard from a local receiver manufacturing executive that he was receiving a perfect signal 44 miles away.”
“As we continue to license stations across the country, these types stories will become more and more commonplace,” said Ibiquity President/CEO Robert Struble.