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iBiquity Signs Data Content Testing Partners

iBiquity Signs Data Content Testing Partners

iBiquity Digital Corp. is teaming up with Associated Press and Accuweather to test wireless data content for its in-band, on-channel digital audio broadcasting system. iBiquity, the newly merged USA Digital Radio and Lucent Digital Radio, has also added a receiver manufacturer to its stable of technology partners.

iBiquity Digital’s IBOC technology will enable stations to send a digital signal capable of delivering wireless data to receivers for a variety of consumer applications.

After the wireless data content is incorporated into receivers, it will also be included in non-traditional radio receivers such as personal digital assistants and smart phones all transmitted by broadcasters on an IBOC signal.

iBiquity has signed a technology and marketing development agreement with Alpine Electronics, which manufacturers OEM and aftermarket receivers, to develop IBOC receivers.

Leslie Stimson