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Ibiquity Submits AM Results to NRSC

Ibiquity Submits AM Results to NRSC

Ibiquity Digital Corp. has submitted its digital AM radio system test
results to the standards-setting National Radio Systems Committee, hoping to receive that group’s endorsement as it has already for its FM system.
Ibiquity says the results confirm that its AM IBOC system will deliver FM-like sound quality while preserving the integrity of the current analog AM broadcasting system, allowing AM broadcasters to diversify program
offerings and compete for listeners with high-quality audio and
entertainment offerings.
The NRSC will evaluate the results and submit them, with its own input, to the FCC.
Robert Struble , president/CEO of Ibiquity, said, “Because the NRSC
has just gone through this same evaluation process with our FM system,
their review of the AM test results is expected to proceed quickly with
a final report being issued to the FCC within two months.”
The Ibiquity AM tests results are one of several topics up for discussion at the NRSC meeting at the CES show in Las Vegas.