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IBiquity to Display Cellphones With FM HD Chips

Receivers with data features like channel guides and QR codes debut at CES

HD Radio advocates have said that consumer uptake will increase when digital radio is available in cellphones and when more of HD Radio’s data capabilities are exploited. Critics and supporters should be watching in 2012, then.

IBiquity Digital this week expects to debut the first cellphones containing HD Radio chips, new receivers and data features like channel guides and QR codes.

Here at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, cellphone models that will be on display feature an HD Radio app designed to enhance interaction and consumer appeal, according to the technology developer, which anticipates the first production-ready cellular handsets during 2012.

About 60 new receivers will be on display at the HD Radio booth in the Central Hall including products from Alpine, Acoustic Research, Audiovox, Clarion, Denon, JVC, Kenwood, Insignia, Marantz and Pioneer.

The company has been working to expand its penetration of the automotive market. As of November it said HD Radio Technology is or will be available factory installed from 21 automotive brands. It also says prices for receivers continue to drop. The first nationally distributed $49 table radio, new portable HD Radio players, new personal navigation devices and auto aftermarket radios will be featured in Vegas. “HD Radio product manufacturers and their automotive and retail partners are poised for a big year,” said iBiquity Digital President/CEO Bob Struble.

The first HD Radio receiver to display local radio station Channel Guides and the first HD Radio product to display QR Codes tied to over-the-air content will be featured. So too will the JVC KW-NT800HDT and KW-NT500HDT, touted for several “advanced” features.

A next-generation Garmin personal navigation device with HD Digital Traffic, the Nuvi 3590 LMT, will be on display, as well as receivers that enable Artist Experience and iTunes Tagging, according to iBiquity.