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Ibiquity to Market Content-on-Demand Technology

Ibiquity to Market Content-on-Demand Technology

Radio is getting its own type of TiVo, a TV-on-demand device. Ibiquity Digital Corp. has acquired the worldwide licensing rights to Command Audio’s intellectual property for its on-demand interactive audio technology for digital radio. Terms were not disclosed, but Ibiquity has opened an office in Redwood City, Calif. and hired 8 software engineers from Command Audio, which will continue to focus on licensing its content-on-demand technology for TV use.
Ibiquity has acquired the patents for all the digital radio applications for technology. Ibiquity says the acquisition sets the stage for advertisers to develop new messages to reach consumers, and content providers will have new tools with which to design programming.
The digital radio firm plans to incorporate the Command audio technology into its IBOC system and is targeting 2004 for IBOC broadcasters and receiver manufacturers to have the extra capability. An Ibiquity spokesman said the technology has been tested with FM subcarriers, satellite radio, the Eureka-147 form of DAB used overseas and the Digital Radio Mondiale digital system in development for shortwave and AM overseas.
Ibiquity is hoping to license the digital distribution of audio across several platforms other than radio such as palms and other handheld devices.
XM Satellite Radio joined forces with Command Audio in May to develop a platform for data applications for its radios and now Ibiquity inherits that agreement.