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Ibiquity Digital Corp. clarified a point about the licensing fees it plans to charge broadcasters for its in-band, on-channel digital audio broadcasting technology. Company President/CEO Robert Struble told attendees at the Public Radio Conference this week that translators and boosters would be exempt from the fees, a key point for noncoms. When RWO asked about the status of negotiations with major broadcast groups over the fees, Struble said he could not comment.
He confirmed the company has applied for experimental licenses for its co-headquarters in Warren, NJ and in Frederick, Md. for additional system testing.
Meanwhile the additional SCA receiver tests are complete and the IAAIS is mulling over the results, which Struble said showed no meaningful interference. NPR said the results showed no impact on the subcarrier channels, nor was there 1st adjacent channel interference, although there was some 2nd adjacent channel interference. Results are expected to become public soon.


Opinion: The IBOC Fee Waiver

The big news for digital fans at the NAB Radio Show last month was that Ibiquity has bowed to reality and offered an audio licensing fee waiver to owners that place orders for HD Radio/IBOC transmission equipment by the end of this year.

The IBOC Debate Continues

Just as the FCC considers IBOC, Ibiquity is underscoring the precedent-setting, proprietary nature of its proposal by deploying its licensing arrangement to broadcasters.

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‘The IBOC Handbook’ Cracked Open

Anyone interested in how IBOC actually works at a more technical engineering level has been hard-pressed to find much published documentation on the subject, other than white papers published by the technology developer itself.