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IBOC Drives Creative Installs, New Radios and Extra Revenue Potential

IBOC Drives Creative Installs, New Radios and Extra Revenue Potential

As more stations go digital, manufacturers are devising ways to make the conversion of a station’s facility more cost-effective. At the same time, the group of engineers in this country with first-hand experience of an IBOC install is growing.
At NAB2004, attendees are hearing from engineers who have put on digital stations this year, plus tips about digital processing, and new antenna implementations on the market.
Greater Media’s Paul Shulins detailed converting the company’s 5 Boston stations. Greater Media is using transmission equipment from Broadcast Electronics and the low-level combining method for lower operating costs. Greater Media’s stations are sharing an FM master antenna atop the Prudential building.
Electronics Research Inc. handled the tower work for the project.
WOR’s Corporate DOE Tom Ray, whose Buckley Broadcasting-owned station went digital with Ibiquity prototype equipment, said now that the station has been digital for awhile, listeners are calling in and asking where they can obtain HD Radios.
“We identify ourselves WOR HD. It generates calls,” he said.
Dalet Digital Media’s Nicholas Hans gave several examples of ways broadcasters can use the data capabilities of HD Radio to provide compelling content, minimize production costs and make money. He cited examples broadcasters can look to such as Nokia Visual Radio and Mr. Taxi in Singapore. The Nokia product has an FM receiver embedded in the unit. “It takes advantage of the data channel to push program associated data and build a return path for interactive services,” said Hans.
Mr. Taxi is a rear seat visual display that uses DAB (Eureka-147 technology) to improve entertainment in public transport, he said.