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IDT Processes Everything

IDT Processes Everything

IDT has developed several new processing products for on-air and production use — the Digital Band Processor, Digital Virtual Processor@AM, Digital Encoder Plus, Virtual Voice Processor and the Digital Virtual Processor@NET.
The DVP@NET, like most of the line, is based on the company’s FFT technology and the Digital Virtual Processor@FM. This Net based unit processes 96 kHz, 40-bit floating-point audio for Internet streaming. The system can be controlled by way of modem or optional IP and it runs on Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000.
The DVP@NET lists for $8,200.
The Virtual Voice Processor applies FFT to voice processing. The unit features processing at 96 kHz, 40-bit; a noise and sibilance gator; additional effects plug-ins; multiple user selectable parameters and flash card memory.
The list price for the VVP is $1,990.
The Digital Encoder Plus is a 1 RU encoder that features digital stereo encoding, AGC, limiter, Advance Peak Control, MPX guard ready and a RDS encoder from Audemat, with optional DARC/ETSI standard, Layer 2, 3, 4 with mobliDARC.
List price for the DEP is $1,990.
The DVP@AM is similar to the DVP@FM and the DVP@NET but it processes stereo signals for AM. The unit features FFT processing at 96 kHz 40-bit, FFT stereo matrix and de-matrix, stereo C-QUAM ready, APC, low and high pass filters, low phase correction, remote control, built-in measuring system.
The DVP@AM lists for $8,200.
The final product in the line up is the Digital Band Processor. This unit is based on traditional band processing and does not use FFT technology. The processor features AGC, four band processing, four band limiting, optimizer and final limiter, 96 kHz 40-bit floating-point sampling rate, adjustable crossover frequencies, APC, I APP and upgradable architecture through plug-in software.
The DBP has a list price of $3,990.
For more information contact IDT in France at (33) 472 18 19 20 or visit the Web site at