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IHeart Radio Launches Master Chief Radio

Station inspired by video game Halo 4, coincides with release

Demonstrating marketing muscle, Clear Channel Media’s digital radio platform iHeart Radio has collaborated with video game developer 343 Industries, the developers of the popular game “Halo,” to create a radio station designed especially for gamers. On Oct. 11, iHeart Radio launched Master Chief Radio, an online station based on the playlists that inspired the developers of Halo 4.

Master Chief Petty Officer is the rank of the game’s protagonist, John-117, hence the name of the station.

“Microsoft has been an important strategic partner for iHeartRadio since its launch on the Xbox 360 platform. Together, we both wanted to do something special to support the launch of ‘Halo 4.’ Master Chief Radio is creative and effective way to create excitement and build on the momentum for both ‘Halo 4’ and iHeartRadio,” explained Shira Mahler, senior associate of marketing and communications at Clear Channel.

The station is available on the iHeart Radio website, mobile app and through a free app designed for Xbox LIVE and features an eclectic mix of music, with artists ranging from Bob Dylan to Metallica to the Beastie Boys.

“Together, each artist and song was handpicked by the 343 Industries team and our programmers. The station, which is mostly comprised of rock, rap, R&B, dance, Electronica, is representative of the music that inspired the 343 Industries development team’s work on ‘Halo 4,’” said Mahler.