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iHeartMedia Emphasizes Its Mobility

Former Clear Channel also goes “from blue to red” with Empire light flash

“We are more mobile than what is called mobile.”

So says iHeartMedia, the former Clear Channel, which renamed itself Tuesday.

The mobile nature of radio is a simple concept but here we see the big media company trying to remind and reeducate the ad market about the inherent reach of AM/FM radio. In a factsheet, the company provided a graphic (see below) showing out-of-home vs. in-home media consumption.

The company also describes itself as the number one media company in the United States as measured by monthly reach.

You can get a sense of iHeartMedia’s updated pitch, its major “selling points” — for both its radio and digital platforms — in the fact sheet here (PDF).

Also, as Clear Channel becomes iHeartMedia, the company, never one to do things in a small way, said that on Wednesday evening, lights atop the Empire State Building in New York “will celebrate the name change … with a lighting dazzle taking us from ‘Clear Channel Media and Entertainment blue’ to ‘iHeartRadio red.’”