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IHeartRadio Zooms Into BMW

BMW, HD Radio have 10-year anniversary

There’s big news coming out of BMW regarding HD Radio and iHeartRadio.

The 2015 BMW 2 Series Convertible has arrived at dealerships and it includes an HD Radio tuner as standard in-dash equipment.

The automaker began offering HD Radio in some 2006 models, now the entire BMW lineup offers HD Radio receivers as standard. “Ten years ago, it started with BMW and now, all major automakers in the U.S. offer the HD Radio experience to their drivers,” says iBiquity COO Jeff Jury.

Also, streaming service iHeartRadio is now available to BMW and Mini drivers. Features include access to iHeartMedia stations and some 20 million songs, a “For You” feature based on listener preferences. Users can also browse recent stations based on a song or artist.

Now, when the iHeartRadio for Auto app is downloaded, it is compatible with any BMW equipped with the BMW Apps option and Mini Connected-ready vehicles. The iHeartRadio for Auto app is certified specifically for safe in-car BMW use.