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Imagination’s Caskeid to Support MQA

Wireless multiroom streaming technology to support reconstruction of studio-quality audio

Imagination Technologies, parent company of U.K.-based Internet radio maker Pure, says at CES that its Caskeid wireless audio IP platform is set to be the first multiroom streaming solution to support Master Quality Authenticated, a new digital audio encoding technology developed by Bob Stuart, founder and chairman of Meridian Audio.

Adding MQA support to Imagination’s Caskeid wireless audio platform will enable companies that license Casekeid technologies to develop wireless multiroom and multichannel speakers for an in-home high-resolution audio experience. The Caskeid platform can deliver MQA’s intended studio quality audio in a wireless multiroom or multichannel environment.

Caskeid licensees and partners include Frontier Silicon, Media-Saturn Group, Onkyo, Pure and Meridian Audio with more to follow, according to the company.

“MQA is the result of years of work,” according to Stuart.

“Integrating Meridian’s MQA technology will enable music fans to hear content as the artist originally created,” says Imagination CEO Hossein Yassaie.

MQA begins with the sound that’s been signed off by the artist and producer. MQA also uses coding to build a file or stream which delivers sophisticated metadata and can be delivered inside any lossless container, e.g. as ALAC, FLAC or WAV, the company explained.