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Improper EAS Equipment Installation Is Big Issue

SBE, FEMA hope to address problem through outreach

Improper EAS equipment installation and configuration is one of the major technical issues facing emergency alerting today.

Regulators hope to resolve this and other practical considerations through outreach before the national test of the EAS in November.

That comes from EAS best practices (PDF) posted on the SBE website after last week’s webinar by SBE and FEMA.

FEMA IPAWS is looking for communities of interest for support in getting information out to broadcast engineers and station operators. Training for EAS operators in proper EAS gear configuration and implementation is needed, according to the notes.

State emergency personnel also need help preparing and updating their emergency alerting plans. The SBE is asking whether local chapters should be involved in that assistance.

SBE and FEMA urged stations to be proactive and monitor assigned stations for alerts. If unable to monitor a particular station, determine which you can monitor and inform the appropriate point of contact, they recommend.

Noting the lack of much public outreach right now for EAS, SBE and FEMA recommend stations take the opportunity to discuss and or promote the EAS via their weekly/monthly tests.

The National Alliance of State Broadcasters Association and NAB plan another EAS webinar Thursday at 4 p.m. at

— Leslie Stimson