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In Detroit, Highway Signs Promote Satellite Radio

In Detroit, Highway Signs Promote Satellite Radio

You know those road signs that tell motorists how to tune to local stations for traffic info?
In Michigan, those signs are starting to include XM and Sirius Satellite channels. In the Detroit area, 11 signs recently were installed along freeways that advise motorists to tune in AM 950 (WWJ in Southfield), AM 760 (WJR in Detroit), SR 155 (Sirius) or XM 261 (XM Satellite Radio).
A sample picture can be seen here.
“Michigan is the first state in the country to include satellite radio frequencies along with our standard over-the-air stations,” said Metro Region Traffic and Safety Engineer Gregory Krueger. He said the stations were selected because they provide traffic information around-the-clock, seven days a week.