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In Europe, Staking Out L Band

In Europe, Staking Out L Band

A group representing the interests of the Eureka 147 DAB standard said L-Band spectrum in Europe should be earmarked for terrestrial digital radio until satellite digital is launched there, probably in 2005.
The World DAB Forum released a study that said terrestrial and satellite radio need not be mutually exclusive in Europe; that satellite should not be considered as a replacement system for analog or DAB; and that satellite should not have priority over terrestrial in the allocation of spectrum at this time.
“On the question of whether remaining spectrum in L-band should be allocated to new SDR (satellite digital) broadcasters, it is clear that the marketing success of T-DAB (terrestrial DAB) in Europe will be decided in the next few years and SDR should therefore not be given general priority over T-DAB before its launch in 2005,” the group stated.
The report will be presented to delegates at the IBC convention in Amsterdam on Sept. 16.