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In Fresno, Neighborhood FM Promises “Hot Prowl Alerts”

Residents will hear 'hot prowl' alerts at 92.5

LPFM advocates said unusual community-based programming might emerge in the expansion of the service. Here’s one that appears unique, at least as far as we can tell.

The Fig Garden Police Protection District has received a construction permit for a radio station at 92.5 MHz in the Fresno, Calif., area. The organization plans to “provide hot prowl alerts from Fresno County Deputies, alerts from Fig Garden neighbors and crime prevention tips and other information to keep Fig Garden neighbors safe.”

According to its application, their radio station will “educate our Fig Garden residents in being proactive in our neighborhood.” Dean Alexander is listed as president; the main studio is planned to be in Clovis.

Originally this application was part of a mutually exclusive group at another frequency. At the new frequency, the group asked for a second adjacent channel separation waiver in relation to KOND(FM) in Clovis.

Information above is from the FCC database and REC Networks.