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In Mississippi, New Antennas for Public Broadcasting

MPB upgrades at eight Class C FMs

Jampro said Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s eight Class C FM stations are replacing antennas with Jampro model JHPC-HD high-power Penetrator antenna systems.

The project is funded through a grant from the Digital Distribution Fund of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The FM stations are WMPN, Jackson; WMAH, Biloxi; WMAV, Oxford; WMAU, Bude; WMAO, Greenwood; WMAW, Meridian; WMAE, Booneville and WMAB at Mississippi State University in Starkville.

“Averaging 10 bays per station, Jampro, under a turnkey contract, will supply and install the antennas and six transmission lines using Jampro’s Proline rigid cables,” the manufacturer stated. “Antennas will be mounted on MPB towers ranging from 500 to 1,500 feet and be installed one at a time using a traveling Jampro auxiliary antenna to remain on-air while replacements are made.”

The broadcast engineering consultant was Kessler & Gehman Associates Bob Buie is MPB deputy director for technical services. He said the work included pattern optimization.

The manufacturer included a note of interest to HD Radio observers in its announcement: “As the only high-definition FM broadcaster in the state, Buie is amazed at how many MPB listeners have gone HD. He said it has been growing by leaps and bounds, especially among classical music lovers since they launched MPB’s all-classical programming on a separate HD channel.”