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In Radio News, 6.5% Are Minorities; 24% Are Female

In Radio News, 6.5% Are Minorities; 24% Are Female

The number of minorities working in local radio and TV news rose slightly last year, but the percentage of minorities dropped, according to the RTNDA/Ball State University Annual Survey of women and minorities.
The number of women news directors and the percentage of women in the workforce has grown in TV newsrooms.
Minorities comprise 18.1 percent of local TV news staffs, down from 20.6 percent last year. In local radio, minorities hold 6.5 percent of the jobs, down from 8 percent. Bob Papper conducted the study. RTNDA President Barbara Cochran said the group would increase its efforts to increase diversity in the industry.
Women “continue to make great strides” in TV news management, holding a record 26.5 percent of the news director jobs; they hold 14.4 percent of the radio news director slots.
Women hold 39.3 percent of television news jobs and are 24 percent of the radio workforce.
Minority news directors in local TV fell from 9.2 to 6.6 percent. Minorities make up 5 percent of the news director slots in radio, same as last year.