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Increased Momentum for WinMedia

Company announces continued growth worldwide

During the last six months WinMedia has signed a number of major contracts — both renewals and new wins — in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe.

These include Philippine-based Radio Manila Network, which recently selected WinMedia software solutions for its six new radio stations countrywide. RMN has relied on WinMedia media systems since 2010.

According to the company, Morocco’s Hit Radio also called upon WinMedia to provide solutions for its new radio station in Portugal. The WinMedia Radio system allows the station to manage operations, including ingest, editing, playlist and advertising management as well as playout and multi-device delivery from one platform. Hit Radio has been using the WinMedia end-to-end platform in its studio in Morocco since 2006.

Other sales for the company include Canada’s RNC Media, which is expanding its reach by adding new radio stations in four cities across the country. The broadcaster has been using the WinMedia Radio and Network solution for 10 years to manage its entire production chain, from ingest to playout and to enable media and metadata exchange between remote locations. It decided to choose the WinMedia platform once again for its new operations.

Moreover, Swiss-based Unicast renewed faith in WinMedia by ordering WinMedia Radio solutions for two of its radio stations. Unicast has been using WinMedia’s TV and Web radio solutions for four years.

“WinMedia allows us to easily operate our TV and radio stations, as well as our Web radios, all within a single system,” said Stefano Alloco, technical manager for Rouge FM and TV. “Structured around a centralized database, the system ensures immediate access to all our content, including videos, images, texts and audio,” he said. “Media convergence is only one of the many development initiatives undertaken by WinMedia over the years. We also take advantage of their innovative cloud-based adverting management offering that allows for the booking of advertising space in real-time.”