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Indecency Settlement Vote Parallels Party Lines

Indecency Settlement Vote Parallels Party Lines

The FCC commissioners voted along party lines for the agreement with Clear Channel (see story above) breaking down along party lines. Republicans – Chairman Michael Powell and Commissioners Kathleen Abernathy and Kevin Martin – voted for the deal. FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein approved in part and objected to part and fellow Democrat and Commissioner Michael Copps opposed the agreement.
Chairman Michael Powell called the amount Clear Channel agreed to pay, $1.75 million, the “highest enforcement-related payment to the treasury by a broadcaster in commission history. … Clear Channel has now admitted that it violated the law and has made binding commitments to clean up its act, including preventive measures such as training for on-air personalities and employees that participate in programming decisions and the sue of time delays in its broadcasts.”
He cautioned, however, that government involvement into content regulation “can be a dangerous game,” even where well intended.
Commissioners Adelstein supported most of the agreement, but he and Copps believe pending indecency complaints against Clear Channel should not be part of the agreement and should still be investigated.
Copps said there were open complaints concerning some 200 Clear Channel broadcasts.
“This settlement reaches too far and grants too much,” said Copps.