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Independent Audio Promotes Sonifex Telephone Hybrid

Independent Audio Promotes Sonifex Telephone Hybrid

Independent Audio is promoting the new Sonifex HY-03US telephone hybrid, an upgrade to the HY-02, sold in the UK, Europe and Asia. The HY-03US incorporates automatic signal limiting, integrated auto-answer, a balanced mic/line input, line limiter and band pass filter.
At this spring’s conventions, Independent Audio also showed new tube mics from Flea of Slovakia. Independent Audio is the worldwide distributor of Flea microphones, including the F47, a reproduction of the Telefunken U47 made with NOS Telefunken tubes.
Independent Audio also introduced two new large-diaphragm tube mics from PML Microphones of Sweden, the CT40 and DT40 microphones. And Independent Audio showed its first American-made product, the Triple P Designs Pyramid Reference Monitor speakers. The Pyramids are studio reference speakers designed to allow mixing engineers to emulate the effects of consumer playback systems with limited response, such as TVs and computer speakers.