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Industry to White House Press Secretary: ‘Here’s an HD Radio’

Gibbs also scores a receiver from ABC

See what an off-the-cuff comment can bring? Two HD Radios and other assorted devices that include radios are being delivered to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

In response to White House Press Secretary telling the press corps he didn’t have a radio this week, Clear Channel and the HD Digital Radio Alliance both said they wanted to make sure he has one. They separately sent HD Radios to Robert Gibbs.

The alliance sent a Sony XDR-S10HDiP receiver with iTunes Tagging capability and an iPod dock.

Clear Channel held a press event in its Rockville, Md., cluster and then gathered “the full range of consumer electronics that receive radio” and was having “Kane” from “The Kane Show” on WITH(FM) “motorcade” them to the White House Thursday in the station van.

Clear Channel planned to deliver “a portable, desktop, clock, in-dash unit if he owns a car, HD Radio with iTunes tagging, an FM adapter for his iPod and the URLs for all his favorite streaming radio stations,” it said in the announcement. The broadcaster was also going to help Gibbs download Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio mobile app to his smart phone. (ABC had a similar idea though as far as we can tell it’s not a digital model).