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Infinity and Arbitron Renew Vows After All

Infinity and Arbitron Renew Vows After All

Infinity is back with Arbitron. They have agreed to a multi-year deal for radio ratings and other services for Infinity’s 185 stations, effective immediately.
The deal gives Infinity access to quarterly radio ratings in 42 markets including the Spring 2004 survey.
Clear Channel’s last negotiations with the research company were similarly on-again, off-again.
Infinity said earlier it would use The Media Audit audience research firm for ratings information and it still intends to.
Earlier, Arbitron indicated the Infinity business was worth $12 million this year alone.
This week, Arbitron President/CEO Steve Morris stated, “Our goal all along was to reach a mutually beneficial agreement with Infinity and to maintain our long-term relationship with the company and with its people.”