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Infinity Buffalo Station Gets No Break on Call Fine

Infinity Buffalo Station Gets No Break on Call Fine

The FCC will not reconsider a $4,000 fine against Infinity-owned WBLK(FM), Buffalo, N.Y. for airing a caller without first telling that caller the conversation might be broadcast.
Infinity appealed the fine, which the commission levied for a call that aired in 2002. The FCC rejected Infinity’s claim that the broadcast was an isolated incident by citing another proceeding against another Infinity station for the same violation.
Infinity protested the commission’s use of the other case, because it has not been paid nor settled. The group also pointed out the commission has cancelled or reduced other fines for similar violations if the licensee has made a good faith effort to comply with the rules.
The FCC rejected both arguments and said, “The only thing Infinity had done prior to our investigation was to maintain a written policy, which evidently had not been adequately brought to the attention of all its employees.”

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