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Infinity Tries Out Spike Radio ‘Guy Brand’ in Vegas

Infinity Tries Out Spike Radio 'Guy Brand' in Vegas

The first radio station to carry the Spike Radio brand is Infinity outlet KSFN(AM) in Las Vegas.
Spike TV, like Infinity, is part of Viacom through MTV. Spike calls itself the first network for men. Spike Radio this is an outgrowth of that brand.
The station is calling itself “Spike 1140 AM, Radio for Men.” Marty Basch is VP and GM of the station.
PD Jack Landreth said in the announcement that Spike TV has proven there is an audience for programming specific to the male lifestyle.
The format in Vegas includes Tom Leykis, “Don and Mike,” “The Big Johnson Show,” L.A. Dodgers baseball, University of Southern California football and NFL content. It is adding the Sporting News Network and weekday segments on “health, fitness, lifestyle and the cable network’s programs.”

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